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Title: Norse God theme carving
Material: Cherry
Size: WxHxD: 42" x 52" x 42"
: 105cm x 132cm x 105cm

progress1 Odin wood carving

progress2 Odin wood carving

progress3 Odin wood carving

progress4 Odin wood carving

progress5 Odin dragon wood carving

progress6 Odin Viking ship wood carving

This huge twisted cherry will be turned into Viking themes. This is the biggest and funkiest cherry I've ever had. This is the bottom of the cherry. 3/4" bolt going through for lifting. Viking ship and God ODIN got rought out. Two ravens and two wolves will be carved in. Dragon head for Viking ship will be attached to the main piece. Detail of dragon is completed. Ready for mounting. Dragon is attached. Detailing waves and ship. -End-