Frequently asked questions

Following Q&A might help answering your questions.

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Q: Any carvings in stock or for sale ?
A: Sometimes we have some works for sale in our studio and it would be
 posted on "News & Event" in the front page.

Q: Where can I see your works ?
A: We display our actual works at Shows & Exhibits and
 occasionally in our Studio. Exhibit information is posted on
 "News & Event" in the front page.
 Many images to be viewed in our Facebook page also. 

Q: Commission work ?
A: Yes. Most of our works have been created by commission.
  We welcome your personal custom project in any size
  and are willing to tackle them.

Q: Price range of carvings ?
A: Prices are set according to the size, design, material and intricacy.
 We can create small custom gift carving from $300.
 General carving fees are as follows; relief carving starts from C$500,
 door carving starts from C$1200, free standing 3D carving starts
 from $2000.

Q: Payment ?
A: We accept cheque, bank draft, money order and cash.
  50% deposit at order, 50% before shipping.

Q: Construction time ?
A: We usually need 2 weeks for small carving and 4 to 6 weeks for large

Q: Do you repair or restore existing carvings done by other artists ?
A: Yes, we have done a few woodcarving restoration in the past.
  It is a good idea to give brandnew look and life to damaged artwork.

Q: Shipment overseas ?
A: Yes. We have shipped our works to many countries through
 shipping companies. Art works will be crated securely and be delivered
 to your door. Approximate freight can be informed at the time of
 quotation, if required.

Q: On-site work ?
A: Yes. We prefer to work in our studio with all equipments.
 But sometimes the job has to be done on site. Usually it will cost about
 40% to 60% more.

Q: Do you take any cut down trees for recycling (for carving) ?
A: Yes. Some generous people offer to give Cut-down trees. We would
 appreciate those offers and we would pick up decent size trees.

Q: Can I use my backyard tree as my carving material ?
A: Yes. But there is one condition. We would like to use the material cut down
  which means root is not connected. Root connected sculpture doesn't take
  good finishing which means it wouldn't stay clean.

Q: Carving lesson by the artist, Mori ?
A: So far we don't have any plan for organizing carving class, however,
 we would like to have one in future.

For further assistance, phone Mori (1-604-504-7235 or 604-308-5722).
You can also use "Contact form" to send your questions or comments to us.