About us

Thank you for visiting MK Carving & Sculpting web page; here's a bit more information about us and how we can assist you: Our studio is located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. We offer fine sculptures with a variety of materials in all categories and sizes as well as restoration services. Our specialty is wood, but also work in other sculpting mediums. We accept commission works, on-site projects and custom-carving orders for doors, mantels, furniture and signs etc. We are very flexible, and are happy to discuss your ideas and projects. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate of your project - whether it's very small, very large or anywhere in between.
Our main mission is to bring out, or back, the wondrousness of nature to this busy modern world. All living things in this world exist and accept every rule of mother nature... living in balance.
If our completed works of art are able to contribute to
society - to have a deeper feeling and respect towards nature
and the wild more often, then that is our greatest dream!

Eagle woodcarving by MK Carving Canada

About artist

Mori (Moriyuki)@Kono: was born in 1967, moved to Canada from Japan officially in 1997 as a professional wood carver. Mori is one of the finest wildlife sculptors and a true nature lover. He started his sculpting career with wood carving and is currently expanding his artistic specialties to include other materials for Public Art and Commercial Projects. His finished wood carvings are fine works of art; they can be as small as desk top ornaments, fireplace mantel decorations, or as big as the centerpiece of a hotel lobby. Mori loves creating his work according to ideas from each client and spends plenty of time especially for designing and final minute finishing. Some of his work is located in BC Children's Hospital, Vancouver Police Department, several districts and schools in Canada and the US.

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