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progress1 carved tap handle

progress2 carved tap handle

progress3 carved tap handle

progress4 carved tap handle

progress5 carved tap handle

progress6 carved tap handle

progress7 carved tap handle

progress8 carved tap handle

6 dragon shape custom tap handles will be carved for a brewery. Each handle will be made of a different hardwood material. Outlines have been cut out and mounting hardware are installed. Roughing is the next step. Roughing and detailing of the face keep going. Detailing is done for this dragon and ready for installing glass eyes. Eyes are in. Ready for staining. Works are being coated now. 2 more dragons to finish. Orange one is Paduak and yellow one is Osage Orange. Compared with Jatoba or Wenge, these woods take very nice details and better to work with. All works completed. Ready for shipment. -End-