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Raccoon woodcarving by MK Carving Canada

Welcome to MK Carving & Sculpting,
 Mori Kono's woodcarving gallery!

 MK carving and sculpting is located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada and has been operated since 2005 as a creator of custom woodcarving and other sculpture. Japanese-Canadian Artist, Mori Kono has over 20 years experience in the field and has been recognized as a quality architectural wood carver and wild life sculptor by Log home industries, Contractors, Galleries , Millwork industries and Public Arts in Canada and US.  

 We added 3D duplication servise, CNC machining, Wood Turning services for responding the market demand. Wood signs, plaques or Turned spindles etc can be created within a reasonable price range.

Bear cub in the hole wood carving by MK carving

 We are willing to accept commissioned works for private clients and create very small custom gift to large scale sculpture. Our hand carved door is definitely one of our featured wood carving services. If you are looking for more detailed expression for your wood project, please take a glance at our wood carving gallery on this web page. Bronze sculpture by MK Carving CanadaDoor woodcarving by MK Carving CanadaEgg woodcarving by MK Carving CanadaRaccoon woodcarving by MK Carving Canada  In the past we have created many woodcarving and other sculptures with variety of themes. Like wild life woodcarving
ex. : eagle, bear, cougar, etc. as well as wood signs, architectural decors, totem poles, memorial woodcarving and educational projects for schools.

 Most of our woodcarving have fine finishing touch with hand chisels especially on door carvings, which brings out maximum beauty of wood characters. This quality touch is our pride and we are believing that our intense effort with harmonious passion is connecting us with art lovers in Canada , US and other continents.

 Please feel free to download our PDF brochure for one of your woodcarving resources. Occasionally we are E-mailing our new work images of wood carving to our mailing list members. You are very welcomed to join it.
Thank you for visiting MK woodcarving gallery !

MK Carving Canada

News & Event

Mar-1     We are accepting commission works. Welcome to book your spot. Thank you.

       Our Email changed last year to:        mkcarvings@gmail.com

Mar-14   We've changed our Email to:


      Please send questions or inquiries to this new Email. Thank you.

Feb-12   Our larger vacuum drying chamber will be ready in our studio this spring.
      Small kiln is still in operation. Looking forward to seeing new commissions this year!
      Please check out our Instagram and Facebook for new posts. Thank you!

Feb-2  We hope COVID-19 situation will improve dramatically with vaccine ciculation
      this year. Our operation stays active and accepting commission projects as usual.
      Thank you!

Apr-7   We are trying to maintain our creation under COVID-19 out break as much as possible.
      However, we might have to shift our schedule according to the situation from
      time to time. Please feel free to contact us about our current schedule. Thank you!

Jan-6   We appreciate your visit to our website. Looks like we are having another busy good
     year in 2020. Please visit our Facebook or Instagram to view recent works.
     Thank you!!